About Us

What is possible in a community...with many good people and many good ideas?
Together, with generosity, friendship and collective imagination, we can generate many possibilities. 
  ...And when we share a sense of belonging in our community, something better is always brought into the world around us.
The volunteer, non-profit La Croisée Community Association provides this "public space on-line" for the residents of the La Croisée community in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada.
If you live in La Croisée, you can register on this site to receive community updates.  Feel free to contact us for information, to volunteer for your community or to offer suggestions.


"Association Bylaws:  Article 2: Objectives:
To nurture and promote a shared sense of belonging to our community amongst its residents by supporting and encouraging communication and involvement in community events.
Defend and promote the shared, common interests of our community on issues affecting the planning, resources, development and environment of our community in a cooperative, informative manner.
Promote and develop local social activities including sports and recreation in our community.
Develop and circulate information to the community and assist in developing communication amongst residents through the ownership, development and management of our non-profit community website."