To all my neighbours,

I am looking for old computers. The older, the better. I am a resident of the neighborhood, and right now I am educating (and entertaining) myself by restoring older computer systems. I would like the opportunity to pick up computers (and peripherals, and software) that you no longer want, and if I can find a use for them, I will take good care of them.

If they are no longer functional, then I will bring them for recycling at an appropriate drop-off location, making sure to protect the environment. I might be able to give new life to individual components from otherwise dead computers.

Please get in touch! I can be reached by email at:

You can also reach me if you have questions about computers in general. I am not available on a full-time basis for tech support, but I am happy to share my knowledge (I am not the biggest expert but I’ve been around a keyboard or two) if you have specific questions.