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La Croisée – learning road safety and having fun, too!

After having to postpone due to bad weather, many neighbours, friends, and organisations came together for our 4th Annual Community Bike Day on Saturday May 20th.

This year, more organisations joined our event but once again, Velo-Service provided guidance on bicycle maintenance. The Gatineau Police Bike Patrol division provided lessons on riding safety while the Director of Mobio-O, Jean-Maxime Lemerise, was present and offered his support. Our event was also registered with United Nations Global Road Safety Week- 2017 in Geneva, Switzerland who provided a lot of information on shared, global initiatives about road safety.

Road safety, managing speed in our neighbourhood, bicycle maintenance, safety and fun, all together made this a great day in the park. And like all our community events, it was simply born by the flow of ideas supported by residents and volunteers. 

Our community offers thanks to many generous and encouraging local sponsors and supporters for this event: Velo-Service, Gatineau Police Department, Pro-Cycle Bicyclette, Mobi-O, Provigo, IGA, The General Store and the City of Gatineau.

Special thanks go to Melanie Brassard (Street Representative) and Annic McGuire (Planning Director) who led coordination of this event.  ...and to our Community Association support for planning, advertising, and material support.
Also, thank you, to all the event volunteers who contributed in so many ways, from set-up to registration, music, food and bike route safety, - thank you: Angela Hagar, Chad Butler, Cristi Parapalita, Gilles Gougeon, Joelle Cléroux, Gaston Gagnon, Louisa Olvera, Lise Boileau, Anne Martinet, Louis Martinet, Dina Exantus, Gaston Gagnon, Lyne Forget-Lanthier and Tracy McCulloch.

A special thanks also goes to Velo-Service and the Gatineau Police Department for their education initiatives with children regarding bicycle safety and maintenance.

And most of all, thanks to all our residents and friends who simply came out and had fun together. 



La Croisee Easter Egg Hunt – Was Fun!

Last Saturday was a wonderful day.  

Many families and friends came together for the "first ever" La Croisee Easter Egg Hunt. 
Over 125 children took part sharing the adventure, fun, prizes and loop goody bags.
And like all of our community events, it was simply born by the flow of an idea supported by residents and volunteers. 

Our community offers thanks to a generous and encouraging  local sponsor for this event,                            Béatrice et chocolats  -  located at 101 rue Principale, Gatineau (Vieux-Aylmer)


(Photos were a courtesy of William Pryor from the Bulletin d' Aylmer Bulletin)

                                    Special thanks goes to Corinne Canuel-Jolicoeur for creating this event.  Thank you, Corinne!
...and thanks to the Community Association support team, Laura Parpalita, Annic McGuire and Larry Prickett for help planning, advertising and material support.                                                                             Thanks to Angela Haggar and Lyne Forget-Lanthier for registration desk help, to all our Association Street Representatives for getting the invitation out, and of course, to our many volunteers who help with set-up on the day of the event.

We also offer our thanks to the Aylmer Heritage Association for sharing part of their space for our registration evenings. Thank you, Micheline, for your generosity, time and effort. 

And a very special thanks goes to Lewis Lehman, Manager of the Gatineau Golf Club.   Lewis generously allowed us to share the beautiful outdoor venue of the Club house.
It obviously made the difference.  Thank you, Lewis!
(A little La Croisee secret: The Club Bistro breakfast eggs benedict are awesome and the patio on a summer evening is pure, relaxing bliss.)

And most of all, the day would not have been possible without all our residents and friends who came, supported and made this non-profit community event another success!



Santa flies under the radar to La Croisée.

On Sunday morning, December 4th, Santa completed test flights and landings at the Gatineau Golf Course. During a one hour break, and in the spirit of the season, Santa also sat with many families for their family Christmas photo.
Everyone shared the spirit of the season that was welcoming and enjoyable for all in the Clubhouse Bistro.

This was our 5th annual community Christmas event where beautiful Fraser Fir Christmas trees were sold and, more importantly for everyone, at least 600 lbs of non-perishable food and other items were collected for the Aylmer Food Centre.

Our community offers thanks to Santa, our generous tree supplier, the Gatineau Golf Course, our volunteers and every one from across the region for their effort, generosity in time and donation to the Aylmer Food Centre at this time of year.

Families will receive their photos over the coming days. (A special thanks to our talented resident photographer, Patrick Bilodeau).

Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone!