On June 20th over 50 families participated in our community garage sale.

  • They sold some of their still valuable household items for a small return on top of their own time of use.
  • Valuable resources avoided land-fill disposal and the “waste stream”.
  • We were to able meet and talk with  friends, neighbours and community visitors.
  • Other people found items they could put to use.
  • and when left over items were donated to Big Brothers/Big Sisters, our community  helped children who could use some mentoring to reach their possibility. Our community donation of over 70 boxes, 42 large bags and 36 large items was very much appreciated by Yvonne Dube, GFGSO -Director General.

It took just a little effort, time and generosity but everyone helped keep all things “still good”,  even better.

Special thanks to Ray Coutu, Chris Meyer, Mike Girouard and RONA L’entrepôt Aylmer for donations and help with our signage.

Community Garage Sale – “Sustainability 101”

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