We have good news for future community events in the park and we’re raising funds to improve our community storage shed.

Simplified electrical supply for events:

With the help and support from the City of Gatineau, we now have an easy to access power supply to use for our future community events in the park. (without the need of a transformer box – like in the past.)

La Croisee- Electricity Park
La Croisee Electricity Park 2
Easier access to just “plug and play”.
We are improving the protection of our storage shed:

The company, Gouttières Régional, will be installing gutters on our community shed this fall. This will help prevent water damage to the foundation and siding in the future.

La Croisee Community Storage shed

(Fabrication/ Installation by Les Gouttiéres Régional (Total cost: $747.34))

You can help the community cover the cost of this work by making a donation!

Thank you!

Good news for our events and community storage shed.
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