On Saturday June 17th, despite the non perfect weather, neighbours gathered together in Parc la Croisée to express their community spirit at this year’s annual Neighbours Day event. 
Young and old alike, gathered in the park to fraternize with old friends, make new ones, enjoy music, games, a good BBQ and more! It was an afternoon of fun, laughter, and comradeship.



A special thank you to Joseph Mouaikel, a resident of the community of La Croisée, and Moe Atallah who offered and prepared wonderful food at our event.

In addition, many thanks to all the volunteers who made this event possible: Anna McGuire, Louis Martinet, Charles Martinet, Angela and Warren Hager, Halina, Jamie and Jack Hagar, Josée Sisson, Lisa Sattler, Allana Hayes, Sean Stevenson, Lyne Forget-Lanthier, Sylvie Lefebvre, Mike Girouard and Ronan Bosch.