…and here’s why:

November 5th, Gatineau Golf Club  10:00am to 8:00pm

Active voter participation builds healthier, engaged communities.

Voting is a way of connecting to, and caring about – our neighbourhoods, our governments, and the direction of public policy.  

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Elected officials are more likely to respond to the needs and concerns of neighbourhoods that turn out.

Administrations are more responsive to local non-profit Community Associations that represent voters that have turned out in greater numbers.


You make room at that table for your community.

Democracy can’t be taken for granted or left to be redefined by other interests.

If not yours, other voices will fill the void – not of your wanting.


Our community is more likely to thrive, as we wish, when we participate together at a higher rate.


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Your vote IS important.



And, you can walk to the polling station!