We discovered, 3 years ago, that the majority of neighbours in La Croisée agreed that a community storage shed in Parc La Croisée would be a benefit to our community.

Here are some reasons why:

  • Centralize and grow our community owned assets for events;
  • Make it easier to set-up our community events, get-togethers and other recreation initiatives;
  • Grow our recreation capabilities, supporting health, cooperative friendship, community solidarity and our young volunteers.

The City of Gatineau also agreed. And even though we all know how long it takes to build a storage shed; new agreements and approvals had to be negotiated and established. Our non-profit Community Association is now finally in the process of sub-contracting and paying for the shed construction this spring. However, our current available funds may leave us with little left to grow our community events and gatherings in 2019.

Installed slab foundation and electrical supply

To maintain momentum on our project, apart from the materials we have gathered over the years, the following new materials in the shed would help your community:

  • wall mural supplies (children’s design mounted on the shed wall)
  • additional quality tents
  • volunteer security vests, branded t-shirts and lanyards
  • tables and chairs
  • large barbecue
  • storage bins
  • volleyball and other recreational equipment

A small donation of $10 or more will help make your community events easier, more enjoyable and built by your community. (Rest assured, the Association spending is controlled prudently and wisely by the Board of Directors)

And your donation will not be alone – the good news is your donation in this campaign will be matched by our municipal councillor, Mike Duggan. To support our La Croisée community storage project and event materials – you can donate, securely, below.

Thank you, neighbours!

Parc La Croisée community storage project and support
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