The early planning process for a new Master Development Plan of the La Croisée Community has begun. This plan will bring new investment and significant expansion. Understandably, there are many interests and responsibilities involved, such as those of the landowner, the Golf Club, the builders, design engineers, school boards, the Province and the Municipality.

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The La Croisée Community Association believes the current residents of the La Croisée Community should also be identified as “stakeholders” in the future.

Stakeholder Legitimacy:

The legitimacy of residents as “stakeholders” lies in the project management guidelines recognized worldwide in the definition, – as people who have an impact and can affect a project and – can also be affected by a project.

“Stakeholder. An individual, group or organization that may affect, be affected by, or perceive itself to be affected by a decision, activity, or outcome of a project, program or portfolio.”

PMBOK GUIDE, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, Global Standard Sixth Edition, page 723
ProjectManagement -PMBOK

“Stakeholder Engagement” is now of increasing importance to the profession as a matter of trust and success.


“The community itself is a third partner: ….. Most importantly, when involved in planning and design, community members bring valuable ideas and knowledge about what will work for them. Strategies that address the needs and roles of developers, local governments and citizens in overcoming key challenges will be most effective at moving the market and local communities toward sustainable outcomes.”

The Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) , “Sustainable Neighbourhood Development: Practical Solutions to Common Challenges.
Proactive in the Democracy Gap:

Yet, despite stakeholder legitimacy there is a tendency to dispense with the “inconvenience” of discovering the collective will, desires and possibilities known by the people who actually live in the community. Therefore, our Community Association will be pro-active to help avoid the presentation of plans in the typical “for you, without you” scenario when it’s too late.


Fortunately, our stakeholder partners have agreed to an early welcome of the concerns, ideas and visions of our residents. However, the Association cannot respond without consensus or presenting the views of all our members as part of this common agenda framework. 

Some documented gatherings….

Neighbours will soon be welcomed to further community surveys, presentations and upcoming initiatives in 2021.

Our goal is that co-operation and collaboration will continue in a positive, transparent and open manner to help us reach better, shared and preferred outcomes for our community future.

Thank you, for participating in this extraordinary time.

The Future of the Community is taking shape
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