The members of the La Croisee Community Association (178 and growing) understand the answer to that question.

Whatever words are used to describe community, we value it in one way or another. But if  words used to define community are difficult to grasp you can find them – in bibliographies/references, organizations and charities and even Ted Talks. You can find many others.

La Croisée FetesdesVoisins

Another perspective is provided by the Community Foundations of Canada in their study “Vital Signs – “Belonging: Exploring Connection to Community”.  This study looks at the relationship between our sense of belonging and social participation in Canada.

         “As you’ll discover throughout this report — belonging and social participation influence each other. The more we get involved in the community, the more we feel like we belong. The stronger our sense of belonging, the more willing we are to contribute to the community because we feel responsible for its well-being. Scientists and statisticians call that a positive correlation. We call it the key to community vitality.”

Their report offers a number of “snapshots” of Canadian community in 2015, and most certainly, another interesting read. You can find the Report – here.

What does “Community” mean?